Refusing Straw – It Matters!

“No straw, please!”
The latest trend we all should be following!

Since pledging myself to live a less-plastic life and single-use product, I keep asking for no straw wherever I go. Though sometimes, it managed to land perfectly on my drinks! Ugh!

So I came up with my conclusion:

I Bring my own straw.
Voila! I recently purchased a reusable straw. It comes in a packet – 4 stainless straws, and a little brush to clean them. I chose stainless over bamboo or glass because, in my personal opinion, it’s the most hygienic, and super light -make it easy to carry them around. I don’t like the bamboo smell when you sipped from it, and glass straw is too fragile for me!

It’s pretty simple. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I would just give them my own straw or simply ask without it. Some of the restaurants and cafes are now providing reusable straws for their customers to prevent plastic pollution. I’ve also seen some of them using straw made of cassava, the invention which went viral about a year ago.

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Why should we ditch straw?

Indonesian consumes more than 93 million straws per day! If we put them all together, it will cover up to 117.449 km or the same length as Jakarta to Mexico!! It is also equal to 3 times Earth’s rotation! And that’s only in Indonesia. In America alone, 175 million plastic straws are used everyday. A study by the University of California Santa Barbara’s National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) found that 8 million metric tons of plastic trash ends up in our oceans every year. That’s equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world. 

It’s horrifying consider the fact that it takes up to 200 years for them to break down – and even then, they don’t completely break down and biodegrade, they only break into smaller pieces, and still littering the ocean and the landfills.

However, straws provide a simple, accessible means for many disabled people to drink. But we all can be creative to find a way to ditch a single-use product. There is no doubt that plastic straws are really bad for the ocean. And now that reusable straws choices are vary in the market, we don’t have anymore reason to rely on plastic straws!

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