About Me


My name is Aisya Astari.
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently live in Bali, Indonesia.
I work as a Fashion Designer and own a sustainable activewear called JIWARAGA Activewear.
Nice to meet you!

I created this blog to document my effort in reducing waste in my lifestyle. In the hope of eventually going zero-waste. Though it’s been challenging for me, I believe it’s not impossible. This all started when I was a teenager watching a documentary film about the plastic impact on the ocean. As an animal and ocean lover, I felt horrible watching it. Yet I did nothing about it. My contribution was refusing shopping bags sometimes. And I thought that was enough.

In 2016, I learned about zero-waste lifestyle. My mind was blown away! I was very skeptical about it and didn’t think it was possible. After a lot of research and reading, it finally hit me. I thought.. THIS IS IT! It wasn’t until late 2017 I finally committed to it. I started minimizing and refusing plastic packaging and single-use plastic. I do food composting at home and recycle.

I decided that if I really love animal and the ocean, I have to make a difference. I need to make a change. I wanted to reduce my impact both in the landfills and the ocean. It’s a simple mission with a change of mindset and effort.

And so I created Inspire The Litterbug to actually inspire all the litterbugs out there to stop littering, literally!